SLTM # 317, 26th July 2016, Theme : Evaluation


Salt Lake Toastmasters Club # 317

Theme : Evaluation

317th meeting of Salt Lake Toastmasters Club was full of learning, energy, talented members and a huge number of guests. It is the season of contests. But contest and contestants are incomplete without evaluation. So to improve the quality of evaluators, we had a very special & extremely helpful session “evaluation workshop presented by TM Sayantan.  Main points of evaluation workshop by TM Sayantan were:

  1. Observe the speaker thoroughly. Do not only write continuously by only listening what he is saying, but first try to observe his movements and actions during speech. Then evaluate him.
  2. Have a benchmark/framework to recommend and appreciate.
  3. Have innovation and newness in style of presentation. Like if he said something that reminded you of your grandmother or your neighbor write it immediately and while evaluating mention this point.
  4. Consider the audience before giving feedback.
  5. Try to evaluate considering the speaker as a friend. Avoid harsh criticism. Remember that evaluation is all about helping a speaker rather than abstaining him from public speaking.
  6. Unlike a prepared speech, has a speech structure also for evaluation – opening, body, value and inspiring end.

The session had started by our Sargent At Arms (SAA) TM Raunak; then taken forward by TM Avinav, who was playing the role of TMoD. TM Avinav took the audience into the history by explaining how Guru Dronacharya was nominated as the teacher of Kauravas & Pandavas. And based on this the name of Gurgaon is once again being changed to Gurugram. With 2 prepared speeches, TM Raunak “Who is it? – Project CC2” mentored by TM Vishal and TM Bijoy “Inspiratin – Project ACB3” mentored by TM Avinav added more flavors of inspiration & horror to the meeting.

Finally as I said today was the day of evaluation workshop, so we had two evaluators for each prepared speeches. TM Raunak got evaluated by TM Ritesh & TM Anirban and TM Bijoy got evaluated by TM Vishal & TM Sayantan. Apart from this, our General Evaluator TM Annesha gave commendations & recommendations with a crisp and to the point evaluation to the every speaker with the help of her team DTM Jenifer Ghosh || Timer; TM Aayushi || Ah & Wow Counter; TM Snigdha || Grammarian. The session ended with following awards –


Meeting # 317
Date 26th July 2016
Venue United World Business School, 10th Floor, Infinity Benchmark Parks Limited, Block GP, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, W.B. – 700091.
Start Time 7:00 PM
No of Members Present 22
No of Guests Present 14
Theme Evaluation
SAA TM Raunak
President TM Avinav
TMoD TM Avinav
General Evaluator TM Annesha
Timer DTM Jenifer Ghosh
Grammarian TM Snigdha
Ah-Wow Counter TM Aayushi
Table Topic Master ——–
Parliamentarian TM Ritesh
Principal Photographer TM Snigdha
Best Speaker TM Raunak
Most Improved Speaker ——–
Best Evaluator TM Sayantan
Best Table Topic Speaker ——–
Best Role Player TM Annesha (General Evaluator) & TM Snigdha (Grammarian)

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