Cricket Fever at SLTM?

Minutes of SLTM Meeting #248:

The meeting was started on time by VP(ED), Toastmaster Swarnendu who played SAA for the day. He invited  the President, Toastmaster Ritesh,  to open the meeting. Toastmaster Bijoy was the MC of the day and the theme of the day was ‘Cricket History’. He held us spellbound with the history of Lords’ and the astonishing fact that Vinoo Mankad is the inspiration behind a gallery being nemed at Lords’!!

The President led the ‘Induction Ceremony’ with the new members of SLTM, Toastmaster Akanksha, Bijoy and Dibyajyoti, as they read out ‘The Toastmaster Vow’ with him.  We had six guests attending the meeting.

The role players for the day were as follows:

General Evaluator: Toastmaster Ritesh

Grammarian:  Toastmaster Swarnendu

Timer: Toastmaster Parantap

Ah Counter: Toastmaster Arpit

TTM: Toastmaster Rajesh

The first speaker was Toastmaster Dibyajyoti, who delivered Project P1.  He was evaluated by Toastmaster Ritesh. The second speech, Project P3, was delivered by Toastmaster Annesha and was evaluated by Toastmaster Parantap.

The awards were as follows:

Best Evaluator: Toastmaster Parantap

Best Role Player: Toastmaster Bijoy

Most Improved Speaker: Toastmaster Dibyajyoti

Best TTM Speaker: Toastmaster Ravi

Best Speaker: Toastmaster Annesha

The meeting ended on a delay of 10 minutes. Four guests have since requested to join as members!!